Zayn #imagine part 4 :) 

Obviously, I had fell asleep talking to Zayn. I had slept all through the night, no distractions. I hadnt done that in a long time. I just it was because I was so close to Zayn that I could feel his body heat warming my body. Whatever it was, it was amazing. 

I woke up around 2:30 in the afternoon. I always slept the latest too. I waddled out into the living room. No one was there or in the kitchen. I frowned and checked outside. Ah-ha! Found them! Everyone was outside at the picnic table eating. I walked over rubbing my eyes. Everyone smiled when they saw me except Niall. I sat down next to Louis. Everyone was staring. 

Me: What? Is there something on my face? 

I held my hands up self consciously. El and Danielle giggled. 

Harry: We heard you slept we Zayn last night. 

I blushed and glanced over at Zayn who was also blushing. Harry winked at me and I reached across the table and pulled his hair. I was only this aggressive with Harry but we had a brother-sister relationship so it was okay. 

Me: We did sleep together but we didn`t fuck, you perverts. 
Liam: Woah now. We didn`t say that. 
Me: But you thought it. Don`t lie. 

Everyone shared glances then agreed. Niall was extra quite though. I guess it was because I led him on and then `slept` with Zayn. Now I felt really guilty. 

Zayn`s POV:

I stared at [y/n] from across the table as she talked to El. She had just woken up and she was so beautiful. Last night, something inside of me snapped. I now knew that I had feelings for her but she liked Niall. Plus, I`m pretty sure she just thought of us as bestfriends, nothing else.

Me: Hey guys, can we have a party tonight?! Like invite some of our neighbors and other friends? 

I needed an excuse to get drunk tonight. I was so stressed. They all looked at me like I was crazy but then nodded. 

Harry: Sounds like fun! 
Louis: I`ll start making calls now! 

Everyone split up which left Niall, [y/n], and me sitting at the table. Can you say awkward? 

Niall: Uhh I`m gonna go shower. See you later. 

[Y/n] grabbed his arm before he got up and whispered something into his ear. She giggled and he laughed then ran inside. I found myself gripping the edge of the bench tightly. I was mad and jealous. She looked back at me and I softened up. Her pretty blue eyes glared into mine. 

Her: Last night was fun Zayn. 
Me: Yeah I know. I liked just talking to you alone. 

She smiled then leaned across the table. She grabbed the back of my neck and brought her lips to my ear. 

Her: We`ll do it again, I promise. 

I shivered at the touch of her mouth on my bare skin. I had never had this feeling. She was in control and she was making me want her. I liked it. 

She let go and walked away inside. I started at the back of her shirt- my shirt. Her hair flowed down it perfectly. Her small figure bouncing up and down as she walked. Damn, I wanted her real bad. 

Your POV: 

I took a shower a little while before the party started. I got in and let the warm water drip down against my skin. I closed my eyes, relaxed and soon became engulfed in thoughts. 

Okay so, I whispered to Niall not to be mad at me and when I looked back at Zayn, he looked furious. Was he jealous? I couldn`t tell. But now, I knew that Niall liked me as more than a friend and I just didn`t know what I felt for him. I felt bad because my feelings for Zayn were so strong and I was beginning to feel that he liked me too. But if he wasn`t going make the move, I would make him want me. 

I finshed my shower and got out. I dried off, and then blow dried my hair. After that, I curled my hair carefully. I put on makeup, making sure everything was perfect. 

I wore a navy blue strapless dress. It was tight to my body and really short. I put on silver pumps and some earrings that were laying on the dresser. Finally I was ready. I checked myself out in the mirror. 

Everything looked perfect. My hair, makeup, boobs, ass. Everything. I hadn`t felt this confident in a long long time. 

I was ready to see what tonight would bring. But there were a couple problems. First of all, Zayn and Niall would be there. Second, alcohol would be mixed in, and lots of it. I always got a little to drunk at parties but what are you gonna do?

Let`s see what tonight brings. 

part 4:) just wait loves! hope you enjoy it so far.. feedback? - kel x :) 

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