#imagine you wake up from a dream, a dream of you explaining to the guys that you and jay are dating.
At first you met at covent gardens the day after you took that `couple` looking picture of you and jay when you went to the shopping centre. So many memories of you being together and trying to avoid the boys and the paps.
It`s nearly been a month since you have been dating.
YN:`Jay it`s nearly been a month and I want to tell the others we`re dating`
J:`yeah I think it`s the right time to tell them`
You go into the living room with all the boys sitting down, you explain everything to them.they all accept it and to celebrate they take you out to dinner with them and their girlfriends. You sit down, jay sits next to you, you try to control yourself and you tell jay to control himself from kissing you on the way. You finish your starter and main course and so did jay, he leans towards you and kisses you passionately. You couldn`t stop yourself from kissing him back.
YN:`I thought I told you to control yourself?`
J:`you`re too beautiful, I just couldn`t control myself` you lean in and kiss him on the cheek.
A few months pass. You and jay are as happy as can be with each other but jay has been going out with the other boys, and leafing you at home, on your own. You go into your bedroom you share with jay, on the bed you see wedding magazines, you distinctly remember not buying wedding magazines and start to question what he is doing when he`s going out alone. Hearing the door open you close the magazine and put it back in the exact same place you found it, whilst rushing out and pretending youve lost something.
J:`you alright darling?` he says whilst he kisses your cheek with a shopping bag in his hand.
YN:`yeah I`m okay babe, just trying to find something`
J:`what`ve you lost?`
Yn:`my phone`
J:`I think I saw it in the living room`
YN:`thanks babe, your a star`
You kiss him on the cheek, not mentioning that you found the wedding magazines.

You are still wandering why may would want to get married, he hasn`t even popped the question yet, yes you`ve been together for six months, but he hasn`t asked you.

You are eating dinner with max, michelle, Tom, Kelsey, Nathan, Siva and nareesha

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