@kjothesmartass On Sunday I went to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. I was wearing the Guts shirt I designed for your contest. I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe, when this woman came up to me and started talking about my shirt. She had seen you on Wendy Williams and went right out and bought your book.
She said that your book had such an impact on her, that after years of resisting rehab, she went within a week of reading your book. She started using drugs when she was fourteen years old. She had resisted going to rehab for eighteen years!! After reading your book she realized she was going to kill herself with the drugs she was using. She has been clean for twelve weeks now.
She asked me to thank you for saving her life. She also said that she rereads your book, when she`s tempted to relapse.
While I was talking to her a man came by and said, "I love that book! It got me sober."
You are changing the world one person at a time! Your book is having an impact on so many, many people! You should be so proud!!

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