Long Liam Imagine Part 9

The room fell silent. They all were thinking if they should say something to Liam or not. I got worried, I just wanted one of them to tell me that none of them would tell Liam.
"We won't tell Liam." Mike said with a smile
"You promise?" I say seriously
"We promise."
"Thank you, now we have to go back to my place before Liam starts to worry."
They all nodded and Louis and Niall grabbed their things. We headed over to the car and we all got in but me and Mike.
"Guys there's not enough seats." I said
"There should be ." Harry said counting the seats
"You can sit on Niall's lap?" Louis said smirking
"Ha that's funny! But no." I said
"Hey! That hurt." Niall said in a joking matter
"You know she didn't mean it like that." Zayn added
"Look me and Mike can walk back to my place." I said turning to mike
"Sounds good, see you guys at (YN)'s" Mike said

They all nodded in agreement and they pulled out of the driveway and down to my house. Me and Mike started to walk to my house shortly after they left.
"How far is your house ?" Mike asked
"5 more blocks that's it." I said
"Good, so what's your history with the boys?"
"There's not really a history."
"Well there has to be something right?"
"Well I guess."
"Well than, what is their figures to you?"
"Harry and Louis are more my bother figure, very protective and want the best for me. Zayn is the friendly figure I guess you could say. You know the one who I can always talk to. Niall is, he's like the little kid figure. He's so adorable and sweet but he's there for me to."
"That's good, and what about Liam?"
"He's all of them put together I guess."
"That's nice,now I just have one question."
"What is it?"
"What are you going to do about all the bruises and marks?"
"I'm just going to leave them, I don't need to tell anyone elses."
"They look really bad and pain full tho."
"They are but if Liam is happy than I can take the beating for Andrea."
"That's really sweet of you, but I know me and the boys don't want them to get any worse."
"I know, but I will have to deal with it."

By the end of our conversation we got to my house. Harrys cars was already in my drive way so they got here before us. I got to my front door and pushed it open. Harry and Liam were playing FIFA in the living room, Niall was getting food, Louis and Zayn were on my computer. Me and Mike smiled a little bit and walked over to any of the boys. I was walking over to Liam and Harry, to watch them play FIFA when it kicked into me. Where was Andrea? Did she leave? I sat down beside Liam as he moved his hands with the controller.
"Hey , where's Andrea?" I asked curious
"I think she went to the bathroom." Liam said focused on the game
"Ok thanks."
You got up off the couch and walked upstairs. You walked to the bathroom and no one was in there. You walked a bit farther down the hall when you heard movement in your bedroom. Was Andrea in my room? I walked closer to my room to see my door opened a tad. I looked in to see Andrea looking through some of my things. I opened the door all the way and I must have startled her because she jumped away from my desk.
"What are you doing in my room?" I asked confused
"Nothing just looking around that's all." She said acting innocent
"Digging through all my things ? That does not look like nothing to me, what are you looking for?"
"Just to see if I can find anything to do with Liam."
"What the hell? Of course you will find things to do with Liam along with Zayn Harry Niall Louis my mom and relatives, its my room I have things from them."
"I want to see if you have anything to do with being with Liam."

Is this girl serious? Did she just accuse Liam cheating on her with me? This girl must have issues.
"Are you kidding me ? You think Liam is cheating on him with me?" I said pissed
"Well no not really, he wouldn't dat someone as worthless are you but just in case, I wanted to make sure." She said sounding cocky
"How dare you accuse Liam of cheating on you! He's your boyfriend you should trust him."
"I do trust him but I don't trust you, I know how you feel about him and how you come on to him. "
"I don't know what your problem is."
"Its you! Now that I know Liam is not cheating on me I don't need to look through anything else."
She walked past me and towards my bedroom door about to leave my room. I just needed to make one thing clear with her.
"Do you love him?" I asked
She stood right in front of the door way and turned to face me. She walked a bit closer but not to far from my door.
"What?" She asked
"You heard me , do you love Liam?" I said repeating it
"Of course I do !Why would you question my love for him!"
"Because there's bitches like you who just use Liam. And think because you are who you are you can fool them."
"Oh your good at this game, you know for a ugly one you know how all this works."
"So you are using him? Why would you!"
"Come on he's popular and you want him."
"You bitch how dare you!"
With the she grinned and walked out my bedroom and down the hall. She was using Liam! That bitch! She does not deserve him ! I don't wanna see Liam get hurt but I can't say anything, she will hurt me even more. I sat in my room for 10 minutes pacing back and forth trying to think of what to do. I walked downstairs into the living room where evey one was watching or playing FIFA. I walked into the living room sitting beside Liam on the ground. Louis Niall and Mike were sitting on the couch and Liam was sitting on the floor along with Harry and myself. Liam looked over to me and smiled.
"Hey (YN) where did you go?" Liam asked
"To the bathroom." I said fake smiling
"Cool, you and me play a match after this?"
"Naa I think I will pass, why don't you play with Andrea?"
"She's not really the video game type, and come on please?"
"Liam I can't."
"Oh ok I see."
"Thank you."
"Your scared I will beat you."
"You did not just say that."
"Oh , but I did."
"How dare you! I'm not scared!"
"Than play me prove it."
"Fine, and when we do, I will beat your sorry ass."
"You think you will eh?"
"I know I will!"
"Hey if your so confident you will beat him than let's make it interesting." Mike said jumping in
"Yeah I like that." Niall agreed
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Is (YN) wins, than Liam has to do something and if Liam wins (YN) has to do something." Harry suggested
"But the winners choice of course." Louis said
"I like that what do you say?" Liam said turning to me
"Let's do it than." I said smiling

We waited for Louis and Niall to finished their match so me and Liam could play. When they finished we both grabbed a controller and started the game.
"Of course you pick (Put country here)" Liam said jokingly
"Coming from the boy who picks England every time ! So I would be talking." You say adding a giggle at the end
"You ready?"
"Yeah you?"
"Ok ........GO!"
Liam pressed start on the controller and his team had possession of the ball first. He was passing the ball between three players scared to pass up.
"Come on Liam, scared to pass the ball up!?" You say to egg him on
"No! I'm just warming up!" He says
"Well than stop playing your triangle passing game and do something!"
"Your asking for it!"
Liam stopped doing his passing game and brought the ball up. You tried yourself to block the ball from the passing players bit had no luck. A couple times out of the game you had brilliant steals from Liams players. You were passing the ball up towards the 18 yr box about to shot when Liam pushed you a little bit. He was leaning against you so you wouldn't score. The moment you went to shot he pushed you and you missed.
"That was not fair!" You say laughing
"Yeah it was." He said with a smirk
"You pushed me!"
"Don't blame me for your misses!"
"You little bum! Can I get a penalty for that!"
"I don't think they do in this."
"No one asked you!"
"Whoa ok than."

You and Liam laughed a bit and you gave him a push. It was now 20 minutes into the game and the score was 7-8. And of course Liam won the game.
"Ok you lost now you have to do something I say." Liam said proud
"You only won because you cheated! But ok ." You say with another laugh
"Like I said don't blame me babe."
"Blah!! So what do I have to do?"
"You have to......throw all your clothes and make up into your pool."
"Come on Liam!"
"You lost so pay up."
".............Louis help me get all my clothes."
"YAY! This will be fun." Louis said like a little boy
"We will wait in the backyard for you guys." Harry said
Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn,Mike and Andrea all walked to the backyard well me and Louis went up stairs to collect my make up and clothes.

"Ok Louis take everything out from my dresser and I will take things out from my closet." I said walking to the closet
"Ok got it." Louis said
You both started to clear out your dresser and closet. You finished that and grabbed your bag of make up. You got a hold of your clothes with some help from Louis and grabbed your make up. You went downstairs and outside to the pool. Louis added the clothes he was holding to the clothes you had in your hand.
"Ok (YN) throw them in." Liam said with a smile
"I don't like you right now Payne." You say walking to the pool
You stood on the edge and released your hands from under neth the clothes. You watched all of them hit the water as you emptied all your make up into the pool as well. You heard laugh and shouting from behind you. You turned around to see Louis Zayn and Mike Laughing well holding their stomachs, Harry and Niall hooting and holaring , Liam giving you a grin and Andrea smirking to you. You rolled your eyes at her and walked over to Liam and hit his arm.
"I don't like you!" You said giving another hit
"Oh you love me." You said keeping your hands back
"How are you so sure of that."
"Because I am."
"Oh what ever."

You kept trying to hit him and eventually you gave up and he pulled you in to hug him. You wrapped your arms around Liam and he did the same with you. You looked over Liams shoulder to see Andrea mad and Harry to give you a wink. You rolled your eyes at Harry and kept tight of Liam. He brought his lips to your ear and yoi got shivers.
"I'm having a lot of fun." Liam whispered to you
"Me to." You whisper back
"So much more to do this weekend love."
You pulled back and smiled to Liam and he gave you one back. Liam whispered that last past to you so lovingly to you, it made you melt. It made you remember why you are in love with him so much.

Sorry this was not up a bit ago. I sometimes get writers block and stuff -_- anyways if it sucks I'm sorry I don't want to make everything go so fast in this! Give me feedback please and thank you! RT and read please and thank you loves -Becca xx

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