Personal Imagine for @gotloveforliam

"Paula? What`s wrong my little princess?" Zayn said as he walked into the bedroom and found you crying. "Nothing Zayn, honestly I`m fine" you say. "obviously your not, come on babe you know you can tell me anything!" "yeah I know..." "so whats wrong?" "well you know how I can be shy around some people?" "yeah?" "well because I`m shy and don`t talk when I come to interviews with you I feel left out! No one notices I`m even there and most people have forgotten in your girlfriend. Even you Zayn!" you said, your voice becoming louder. "Babe Im so sorry! You know I love you and I always will, I`ve never forgotten for one minute that your my girlfriend in fact your the only thing that`s ever on my mind! Please stop crying babe, I hate seeing you so sad!" Zayn said. "promise?" you replied. "I promise, now come on let`s go spend the day together, just us!" Zayn said as he wiped away your tears.

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