#imagine Part 1: "Destiny". You're just like Megan Fox or Aishwarya Rai. There's no guy in the world who doesn't find you sexy or attractive. The way you flip your hair or even talk.
You're an icon to many girls and you're also not afraid of showing yourself. You play in a soap just like Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl.
You're own personal celebrity crush is Shahid Kapoor but you're never able to tell that in front of the camera or in an interview because of two reasons. They never ask you about it and if you would call his name, Americans would be like: "Who the fuck is that?"

One day Shahid randomly turns the tv on because he can't sleep. His insomnia comes up.
You appear on the tv screen and when he notices you he reaches his hand to the remote as soon as possible to turn the volume up. His eyes become wide open, he raises his eyebrows and even his mouth falls open.
"Damn, that girl of that new movie is hot." The sentence he thinks of.
He bites his lower lip while listening to the interview.
The guy asks her who her celebrity crush is and she stays quiet for a while.
Shahid expects someone like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or something, but the remote falls from his hands when he hears her saying his name.
"Who is your celebrity crush?" She smiles, stays quiet and whispers: "That's Shahid Kapoor. An Indian actor."
That night Shahid's insomnia became more worse. He had to meet her!

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