Niall #imagine part twenty five;) 

Niall pulled into a parking lot. He parked the car and looked at me. I had no idea where we were. I smiled and touched his nose. 

Me: Where are we? 
Him: Let`s find out! 

He got out of the car and quickly opened my door. I placed my hand in his and he helped me out. I linked my arms with his and we started walking. I could hear water flowing as we walked down a big hill. It was dark and I could just make out the river in the distance. I turned my head and saw a table with candles on it. I smiled brightly and looked at Niall. He winked at me and we kept walking toward the table. 

I sat down and Niall sat down next to me. It reminded me of when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Niall picked up a box that sat at the corner of the table. It was a silver rectangular box with a pink ribbon tied around it. He guestered me to take it. I took it and scooted closer to him.

Me: What`s the occasion? 
Him: What`s with all the questions? Just open it Av! 

I giggled and slowly took of the ribbon. I popped the box open. There laid a silver necklace with a simple diamond on it. My mouth dropped open as Niall took it out of the box and put it around my neck. I touched it then looked back up at him.

Me: Niall, it`s so beautiful! Thank you! But why did you get it?
Him: What I can`t do nice things for my beautiful girlfriend. 

Jesus Christ, this kid was so fucking cute. I grabbed the back of my head and placed my nose on his. 

Me: Thank you babe.

Then I kissed him and he kissed back. 2 minutes later he pulled away and smiled.

Him: One more thing..

He reached in his shirt pocket and pulled out two pieces of paper. He handed them to me and I took them.
I couldn`t really see the writing so I leaned closer to a candle. Finally I could make out the letters. Holy shit. I gasped as I saw I was holding an airplane ticket. To where? PARIS, FRANCE. He was taking me to Paris! Oh my fucking god. 

I smashed my lips against his again. I was so happy. I pulled away and hugged him tight. 

Me: There`s no way we`re going to France. 
Him: Your right.. We`re going to Paris! 

I smiled and kissed him again.

Me: Niall you are the best boyfriend. This is amazing. I love you so much.
Him: It`s nothing babe, I love you too.

Suddenly, I felt raindrops overhead. The came down harder and the next thing i new, it was pouring rain. All the candles went out leaving us in the pitch black. 

Me: Come on! Let`s go! 

I got up and started to run but Niall pulled my hand and brought me close to him. I was soaking wet. He tucked my hair that had fallen behind my ear. He leaned down slowly and kissed me. 

This was perfect. It was what I had almost dreamed of. It was what every girl had. It was the perfect movie moment. Kissing the best boyfriend ever, in the pouring rain. I had completely forgot it was raining, than Niall pulled away. 

Him: Alright now we can go!

I giggled and we ran into the car. He drove off to my house. 

10 minutes later; 

He pulled into my driveway and looked at me. I smiled and touched the necklace. 

Me: Thanks for an amazing night babe. 
Him: No problem. And I`ll see you tomorrow for the vowel renewal? 
Me: Sounds good.

I started to get out of the car. He kissed me quickly. 

Him: Goodnight Ava, I love you princess. 
Me: I love you too. 

I shut the door softly and walked up the path to my doorway. I unlocked the door with my house key and left myself in. I took off my shoes and touched the necklace again. How did I get so lucky? Niall was the one.

I loved making this part! :) it was just so cute! sorry it was short, stay tuned lovies - kel xx 

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