Part two

Olly pov 
The looks on the girls faces when I handed them the nicely gift wrapped boxes. They were all smiling ear to ear, Lauren was the first one to open it and she said "thank you olly it`s lovely" came up and hugged me, natalie opened hers next and she just stood there looking at it and she mubbled to herself `oh my goodness can`t believe he has done this` Jess opened hers and thanked me and hugged me and natalie was still staring at her, her friend Vicky nudged her and she came back into the room an she ran up to me and hugged me tight and said ` thank you olly you don`t know how much this means to me`
Sarah came up to me a whispered in my ear `tables booked` 
I turned roun to the girls and shouted "Nandos" the smile on the girls faces was amazing thinking I can do something so little to make there day loads better :-) 

Natalie pov 
Olly handed us boxes which he told us to open I was a bit weary of what he might of put in them, Lauren ripped hers open and hugged olly. I opened mine and just stood there looking and the merchandise inside all signed by olly murs. I thought I said this in my head ` oh my goodness it means the world` but he looked at me and smiled I sunk into my chest at that point when I realised that he heard me Jess went up and hugged him to say thank you, I took a little run up to him for my hug I said to him `it means loads to me what you have done` 
I walked back to my gifts from olly Sarah whispered in his ear and a the biggest smile came on his face, and he said the words that I wanted to hear all day `Nandos` me Lauren and jess just looked at each other and said `yes!!!` it was getting quite late I said to olly `you sure you got time to go out and get food` he looked at me and said `we aren`t going out` I looked at him puzzled he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me close and said `its a surprise follow me come on girls` we all just walked with him not knowing where we are going we went back stage, I looked over my shoulder and my mum and nan they both smiled at me as they know how much this meant to me. He led us into the canteen where there was people from nandos st David with chicken and the different sauces. I looked at olly and said `how did you get this all sorted?` he looked at me with a cheeky grin and all was forgotten I looked at the tables and there was two spaces not there i let my nan and mum sit first and I had a drink Sarah came up to me and said `come with me natalie your going some where else` I looked at the girls and they had the biggest smile on their faces for me I was baffeled where am I going I was trying to get an answer from
Sarah but she wasn`t having it I walked pass Lillygreen maguire even they knew and shouted `your in for a treat` I felt bad for just leaving my friends back there but they was with olly I wasnt :-(

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