Zayn #imagine part 1 :) 

Your POV:

Me: Boys where the fuck are you? 
D: Come on! It`s dark and we`re scared! 

Danielle and I paced back and fourth through the woods trying to find those 5 stupid boys. They had run off in front of us a while back. Now we had no idea where they were. 

D: Liam come here now!! 

We heard a noise behind us and we both spun around. I grabbed Danielle`s hand and squeezed it tight. We heard another noise and just as we were about to turn around.. BOOM. Danielle and I were on the ground. Niall and Zayn were jumping on us, while Liam, Harry, and Lou stood there laughing. 

I grunted and tried to fight them. I bit Niall`s arm really hard while D pushed Zayn off of her. Finally we got up and brushed ourselves off.

Me: You guys are dicks. I hate you all.
Liam: No you don`t. 

He winked at me. I rolled my eyes because I knew why. I`ve been friends with these boys since forever. I fell in love with Zayn a while ago, but now feelings for Niall were setting in. I obviously wasn`t going to tell ethier of them anytime soon. But I did tell Liam and be always gives me shit for it. 

D: Alright, can we just go back to the  house? 
Zayn: Uggh, fine. Party pooper. 

We all started walking back to the beach house we were staying in. It was my parents and they let me have it for the week. So it was just the boys, Eleanor, Danielle and me. 
But Eleanor had stayed home because she wasn`t feeling well. 

5 minutes later we emerged from the woods and spotted the house. We walked in and everyone plopped down on the couch. 

Niall`s POV: 

I sat next to [y/n] and she looked mad. I put my arm around her shoulders and smiled. 

Me: Babe why are you mad at me? 
Her: I`m not, but you scared us shitless! 

She giggled and I loved when she did that. She was so cute, I just wanted to kiss her forever. But she would never go for me. Besides, I`m pretty sure she likes Zayn. 

Zayns POV: 

I looked across the couch and saw Niall and [y/n] giggling. His arm was around her and their hands were close to touching. Seeing this, it got me... angry. But why? I had NEVER had feelings for [y/n] before. Why did I suddenly feel something now? 

Hey guys:) well im going to try a new Zayn one as you can tell.. Love triangle? I think so ;) stay tuned - kel xxx 

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