lomg #imagine part 16

Nathan sits down opposite eimear, striking up conversation about what she does and family life etc. Nathans face smiles for the whole hour theyre together. Until its time to leave. Nathans face drops at the thought of having to go home. He clears his throat and starts to talk, grtting up snd putting his jacket on.
N:`look erm- i dont suppose you want to come to mine? for a coffee or something?` he asks her shyly.
E:`yeah sure, but we`ve just had a coffee?` she chuckles.
He blushes slightly.. `ok, erm well-`
E:’im kidding, of course i will` she says getting up, amd placing her arm through his, walking down the street..


you start to stir, waking up you realise the whole house is quiet. You get up slowly,wrapping yourself in the blanket at the bottom of Jays bed. Youve only known his for about three days, but you already feel like youve known his for ages, hes so lovely to you, you already think hes your bestfriend. You walk out and into the lounge, where you see jay sat with his headphones on and tia on his lap.he smiles instantly as he sees you. Laughing as you plonk yourself down on the sofa next to him. He moves his headphones asking you `feeling any better?`
Yn:`im okay, got any food in?`you ask cheekily.
J:`er- no, but ill take you to mcdonalds if you like` he says
You agree and leave to get ready, hearing the door slam and nathans voice. You quickly get ready and rush out, only to be introduced to Eimear, she smiles sweetly as you say goodbye, leaving for dinner with Jay.

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