Niall #imagine part twenty four;) 

I squeezed Niall`s hand tightly as the door opened. It revealed both his parents, standing there smiling. His mom was so petite and his dad was much taller. They were both adorable. 

Mrs. Horan: Welcome children! Come on in! 

They both beckoned us in and we took a seat on the couch in the living room. I crossed my legs and Niall put his arm around my waist. His parents sat oppisite to us. 

Mr. Horan: Welcome to our home Ava! We have heard so much about you. 

He put emphasis on the `so`. I smiled and snuck a peak at Niall, who was smiling too. 

Me: Thank you for having me Mr. and Mrs. Horan. 
Mrs. Horan: Oh no worries it`s our- 

Something beeped in the kitchen and she sprang up to go get it. I removed Niall`s hand from around my waist. 

Me: I should go help her, be right back. 

I smiled sweetly then went into the kitchen. Mrs. Horan`s back was to me and she was pulling chicken out of the oven. She set it down lightly on the counter and took off her oven mitts. 

Me: Do you need help with anything Mrs. Horan? 
Her: Sure, can you please get some wine glasses out of that cabinet? 

She pointed and I nodded lightly. I walked over and got them out, setting them down lightly in front of her. She opened a wine bottle and poured it in all four glasses. 

Me: I`ll bring the chicken and vegetables over to the table.
Her: Oh Ava, you don`t have to hunny! 
Me: It`s okay, I want too! 

She smiled and went back into the living room. I brought the chicken and put it on the table. While I was walking back to get the vegetables, I happened to hear some of their conversation. I paused behind the door, out of sight. I didn`t mean to evasdrop, it just happened. 

Mrs. Horan: Niall, she`s lovely! I really like her! 
Mr. Horan: Yeah son, she`s a keeper! 

Thank freaking god they liked me. I smiled and went to get the vegetables. I put them down next to the chicken and went over into the living room. 

Me: It`s all ready. 

I smiled and guestered over to the table. 

Mrs. Horan: Thank you so much Ava! Come, boys dinner is served! 

She smiled and we all followed her. They sat on one side of the table, while me and Niall sat on the other. He held my hand under the table, which I found incredibly cute. 

Dinner went amazing. The conversation just flowed. I was being myself and I felt so comfortable around his family. Mr. Horan was so funny and Mrs. Horan was so kind. 
Dinner was finished and we went back into the living room. I was about to sit down when Niall pulled me back up. I looked at him, confused. 

Niall: Actually, mom and dad, we can`t stay. I have a special surprise for Ava and we need to leave now. 

A surprise? This kid was too cute. They frowned but were still happy. 

Me: Uhh okay. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Horan for having us over! Dinner was amazing! 
Her: Thank you Doll! And it was out pleasure, Ava. 
Mr. Horan: Come by again soon okay? 
Me: I will, I promise. 

We said our goodbyes, then me and Niall left the house. We got into the car and I looked at him. 

Me: Surprise huh? 
Him: Yes, baby. Just for you!
Me: Where are we going?! 
Him: You have to wait and find out Av. 

He leaned over and pecked me softly on the lips. He started the car and we drove off the this `surprise`.

part 24:) sorry this was shit. I hate when I erase it by accident and have to start over! Sorry again, stay tuned for the surprise :) - kel xx 

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