As promised, here is part 5 of my fanfic. Hope you like it guys!!:D

Part 5 

No. It couldn`t be. It couldn`t be mum`s. I stood staring at the object Harris was holding in his hand, frozen to the spot, almost in fear. Everyone was looking at me, but I couldn`t look at anything but the pregnancy test Harris was holding. 
"Is it...Is it positive?" I gulped. Harris nodded slowly. This was why dad would want to kill her. She is pregnant. But that doesn`t make any sense. Surely dad would be happy if they were having another baby? Maybe they would stop arguing then. I`d finally have someone I could be close to, even if we are thirteen years apart. 
"Lottie? Lottie are you ok?" Sam asked, making his way to me. I just shook my head. I don`t know if I`m ok. I mean, it`s great news, but it doesn`t make any sense! Surely mum would be happy? 
"Umm, yeah, I`m...I`m alright," 
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. Yeah, I`m fine. Why wouldn`t I be? This is great news, right? I`m getting a little brother or sister! That`s awesome!" Yeah. It is awesome, isn`t it? This IS good news!
"If you look at it like that, then yeah, it is," Kay said, before she came over and gave me a hug. 
"But it doesn`t make sense," Harris interrupted our hug. "Why would Bethan say that Nath was going to be angry with her if she is having his baby?" 
"That`s what I thought..." I answered quietly. 
"Maybe you should ask her Lottie?" Kay asked. 
"But how would I explain that I knew? Oh, by the way mum, I overheard your conversation in the kitchen, told all my friends about it, and then we crept downstairs in the middle of the night to investigate and found your pregnancy test. Yeah, I`m sure she`d appreciate that!" I stated sarcastically. 
"It was just an idea..." Kay said, flopping down on one of the stools that surrounded the clean, white island. "I mean, you can`t exactly not tell her that you know can you?" 
"Yes I can! I`m not meant to know. None of us are meant to know guys! We`ll just have to keep this a secret until mum tells us, ok? Promise?" I waited for Josh, Kay, Sam and Harris to nod before continuing. "None of us can say anything about this. Just forget it ever happened, alright? That`s what I`m gonna try to do..." Though I know I won`t be able to. It`s too confusing to keep out of my mind for even a second. As much as I`d love to ask mum about it, I know she`d be angry with me for eavesdropping and telling all my friends. That`s not even thinking about the fact we found her positive test. I yawned. All the excitement/confusion was making me tired. "Right. C`mon guys, let`s go back upstairs. Put that thing back in the bin Harris," He nodded and turned back to the bin, while Kay, Sam, Josh and I headed for the door. 
Just as Josh reached for the handle, the knob began to twist. He turned back to us with fear in his eyes, before the four of us ran back to Harris, and dragged him into the pantry. We left the door slightly cracked open, and watched as Uncle Jay came in. My heart was thumping in my chest as I thought of what we`d say if we got caught. But Uncle Jay didn`t seem awake; he kept walking into things, making us all giggle. 
"He`s sleep walking!" Josh hissed, trying to restrain himself from bursting out in laughter. Uncle Jay walked around the island, bumping into each corner, then headed for the fridge. Which he walked headfirst into, making the five of us explode. It`s a shame no one got that on video! I could see that with millions of hits on YouTube! 
"Sssshhhhh! I think he`s waking up!" Katie whispered loudly, so we could hear her above all the laughing. We all quietened down, and watched intently as Uncle Jay woke up. He looked so confused and startled as he opened his eyes and took in where he was. It`s honestly so hard not to laugh! He quickly spun around on the spot, I assume he was checking to see if there was anyone else there. He looked like a little puppy chasing his tail! 
"Hello? Is there anyone there?" Uncle Jay called out. It made Harris laugh, which he covered up with coughing. I couldn`t decided which was worse! "Who was that?! Who`s there?" Uncle Jay turned and faced the pantry door which was shielding the five of us from view. He grabbed a frying pan and started walking slowly towards the door. This made us laugh a little more than before. "Kids? Is that you? What are you doing?" He sounded slightly scared. Kay decided to push the door open, revealing the five of us. "What are you doing?!" 
"We were hungry dad," Kay wants to be an actress when she`s older. I think she`ll make it; she`s the most convincing liar I`ve ever met!
"So why are you hiding in the pantry?" 
"We got scared when someone started opening the door, so we hid in here," Hmm, of course we did...
"Who else would it be sillies?" Uncle Jay joked, laughing at himself. 
"You are quite scary when you sleep walk though dad!" Josh said, standing up. 
"I didn`t even know I sleep walk until now!" Uncle Jay laughed while the rest of us stood up and walked out of the pantry. "Haz? What`s that in your hand?" All eyes turned to what Harris was holding in his right hand. Oh God. He could`ve just shoved it in the bin! Now Uncle Jay was going to find out! If this evening could get any better...
"A pregnancy test." Kay whispered. 
"Would someone care to tell me who it belongs to?" Uncle Jay`s eyes were flicking between me and Kay, as if assuming one of us was pregnant.
"It`s not ours dad," Kay continued. I gulped. She would have to give it  away, and we weren`t even meant to know yet. "It`s Aunty Bethan`s."

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