One Night - Fanfiction

This is the first Fanfic I have written, so let me know what you think!! And if I should continue!! (: x


You were so excited for tonight`s One Direction concert you couldn`t breathe! You just keep jumping up and down as your boyfriend watches you and shakes his head. 

"I can`t believe you, you are fan girling over five boys right in front of me." he says.

You give him a serious look, "Babe, it isn`t like they are straight so you have nothing to worry about," he smirks and grabs you by the hand reeling you in. 

He kisses you, pulls back and stares you in the eyes. "I love you babe, and I hate that I have to drive four hours away from you... If only you could come with me."

"But, the concert... I`d like to go with you to your cousin`s wedding but, then *your bff`s name* would be mad at me for not going with her," you state as you look into his eyes. You can see it, he is crushed... And you can`t help but feel guilty.

"It`s ok babe, you paid a lot for those tickets, you deserve to go," he smiles and grabs his bag. He leans in for one more kiss, "I love you *YN*, see you in two days."

You watch him walk down the driveway and get into his car, waving as he drives away. 

--2 hours later--

"Where I`d she?" you  natter as you have been waiting for your friend to arrive. As you reach for your phone and begin to text her, you hear a tapping on your door. "Finally!!" you squeal. You race towards the door grabbing your purse along the way.

--After the concert--

"That was seriously the most AMAZING thing I have ever seen! When Zayn sang those long notes... Ughhh I was done." your friend says as she pushes through the crowd of people. 

"Haha, please. When Louis did those hip thrusts that did me in." you said jokingly as you sifted through the crowd with her. Once you both made it to a clearing, you decided to pull out your phone and tweet about the show. As you do, you see you have three missed calls. Your phone was low battery and could die at any moment, so you needed to use the pay phone. 

"I have to go *YN* !! My boyfriend is waiting for me!" your friend says impatiently.

"Go! I have to do something first... I`ll be fine. I`ll call for a cab after I make this phone call." 

"You sure?"

"Positive, go."

As your friend walks away, you walk up to the booth. Slither inside, and close the door. You push the number keys and wait for an answer.

"Hello?" The female voice sounded familiar, but you couldn`t identify them just yet. She sniffled, sounding as though she had been crying.

"Umm, this is *YN*... you had called me on my phone? I was in the middle of a concert and never heard it go off..."

"Oh my god sweetie! I was so worried!" the female stopped for a moment and began to cry. You knew who it was now. It was your boyfriends mom. Slowly, you began to feel your stomach sink.

"Oh no, what happened? Are you ok?" awaiting the news, you bit your lip, hoping it wasn`t all that bad. As the silence continued, you would twirl your fingers in the spirals of the phone cord, trying to compose yourself as you heard her sobs on the line. 

"Sweetie, while *boyfriends name* was driving, he was hit by a semi truck," long pause, followed by deep breaths, "It collided with him head on, the semi had swerved into the on coming traffic and..."

You couldn`t breathe. There was no air. Time stood still as she said the next four words. "He didn`t make it."

Your knees fell weak, your body sliding down the glass case to the ground, hand still clutching the phone.

"Hello? Are you still there?" she questioned as you stared through the glass, watching people walk by. You could only help but wonder why they were still moving, while your world stood still.

You cleared your throat, you choked "I`m still here." 

"Where are you? I`ll come get you..."

"No, it`s ok... I am on my way home now. I will call you once I get there."

"Ok sweetie, love you. Call me as soon as you can."

You lifted the phone above your head, and hung it up. You picked yourself off the ground, and turned the knob, releasing your from the glass chamber. Fresh crisp air engulfed you as you walked into the outside world.

As you wait to hail a cab, you watch girls giggling about the concert, and girls walking with their boyfriends holding hands. The shock was beginning to lift, the tears began to build. Only about ten blocks away from your house, you decide it would be a lot faster to walk home. 

Walking along the outside walls of the stadium, the build up of tears began to blur your vision. As you kept walking, your lips began to quiver. The tears fell freely down your face, and you couldn`t walk anymore. Feeling week, you slip into a small alleyway behind the stadium. 

You start to cry as you lean your back against the wall, sliding down the rough bricks, scraping your skin. After that fast decent, you had landed on the ground. Your arms wrapping around your knees, balling, you sink your head down. Tears falling onto your One Direction t-shirt.

As you say there, you began to hear people chattering, but didn`t care to move. The door attached to the stadium swung open, and a group of people can shuffling out, laughing. The sound of laughter hurt more than the scrapes from the brick.

The laughter stopped, but you could hear shuffling feet walking, and stopping next to you. 

"Are you alright love?" the man said as you looked up. Wiping away the tears you could begin to make out the face... 

... It was Louis Tomlinson.


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