New Imagine-Part 1) Stellas P.O.V: I woke up to my alarm thinking to myself, why the hell was school invented. But adleast there is only 5 weeks left and then no more school at all. I hear a loud knock on my door, it must be my little sister Isabelle shes so mean and basically talks and talks about a british and irish boyband called One Direction. Thats all I hear from her mouth everyday it bugs me so much. Yeah, maybe I like their music and I think they are extremely hot but I dont go around and tell people how much I know and Love One Direction. My sister barges in without me letting her come in. -GET OUT- I yell. -NO! Guess what?- she says. -WHAT??- I ask. -Well ok first thing thank you for wishing me a happy birthday and MUM GOT US TICKETS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!- I was to excited to say happy birthday, I started fangirling. I couldn't believe it! Soon I got dressed and went down stairs to get my lunch and breakfast. There my sister Isabelle was eating pancakes and singing Stole My heart!

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