@delta_goodrem I spent my years growing up feeling ashamed. Feeling that I had to hide who I was to the world because who I truly was was wrong, a sin. I put a wall up, was very withdrawn, hid in the darkness feeling that there was something wrong with me. This led to me being diagnosed with depression. I had the constant feeling of wanting to give up, that I would never amount to anything & that I was a bad person. Being raised by constantly hearing that gay people were sinners, made me want to die. I didn`t want to be a sinner & I started to truly believe that I was. Suicide was something I thought of constantly, I tried one night to end it all after my best friend of 15 years threw away our friendship when i told her who i really was, but thankfully I must have had the Angels watching over me. The past few months changed my life. I met YOU Delta. My strength, my idol of 10yrs! Your music was the only positive thing I had in my life for those 10 years & that`s why I had to fly to Melbourne from Adelaide to meet you! When I saw you in the marie Claire magazine saying " The sharing of love should have no boundaries," that was all I needed. I found the strength to come out to the world. I am now so proud of who I am, and have found peace with myself. Because of you I can smile again. I love you Delta 💜

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