`yeah well I am now aren`t I? So you can leave me to it` I snapped. I didn`t want to hear that news at all. `I`m afraid you need to know that recovery for you will be a long, slow journey` `yes, yes, whatever. Thanks for the help` I don`t thing she was getting the hint that I wanted here to leave. Stupid. `well if you want to be alone I can`t stop you, I just want you to know that there are people here you can talk to if you need to` Alice smiled and left. Finally. I looked across at the table and saw my phone, scratched and chipped but it looked useable. I picked it up and saw the messages. I knew they would be there it`s just, I was hoping that they wouldn`t be. I skimmed over them, just the threatening ones from `them` giving me the same lecture about hospitals, again. 

At seventeen years old you wouldn`t expect all of this to be happening to me, would you? I wouldn`t, I never did. But what`s happened has happened and there is no going back now, no matter how much I wanted to. I always imagined the perfect life when I was younger; the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, the perfect parties, the perfect school grades, the perfect me. But I guess that`s the thing about dreams, they stay as dreams and that`s all they will ever be. I`m far from my dreams, in fact, the opposite. I THOUGHT I had the perfect boyfriend, Tom. He was the worst thing that ever happened to me. My `perfect friends`  existed for my younger school years but disappeared. Parties were never even an option and I was too messed up to care about education. 
Emily Jaye, seventeen, the one you think you know everything about.

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