long #imagine part 24

Jays still in shock. He looks dazed before you make him snap out of it.
J:`it`s not mine is it?`
YN:`no jay, it`s jakes. I wish it was yours though`
J:`does jake know?`
You shake your head `he doesn`t want it, he`s told me he doesn`t want to be in the baby`s life, and quite frankly,I don`t want him to be`
J:`well, that`s simple, I`ll be his dad`
YN:`wha- what?!` you stutter, amazed at what he just said.
J:`look, I know we haven`t know each other for long, but, I do love you, and if your child hasn`t got a dad, I`ll fill the hole. I couldn`t bare to think of a child growing up without a dad`
You stand up hugging jay,before heading back to the boys flat. Walking back he sees your quiet.
He puts his arm around you hip and stops you in the middle of the path. He pulls your head up from looking at the floor.
J:`what`s the matter?`
YN:`I wish I had my parents, they would have loved you.`
J:`I know, but I`ll take of you now` he outs his arms around you and hugs you tight.
J:`now, lets get back to the flat`

Your soon back and everyone is there, in the lounge, you haven`t seen them since the whole episode, they`re shocked.
Siva:`YN! Is everything ok?`
YN:`yeah, I think so` you look up to jay `just a big misunderstanding`

Max stands up, and clears his throat `guys, me and Meg are getting married, as you all know, but, the weddings in two weeks`
J:`mate, congratulations!`
Nathan clears his throat also.
N:`well, actually I`ve got some news aswell`
They all look over to Nathan, making a smile appear across his face as he looks down to Eimear.
N:`well, me and Eimear, we`re engaged`

Everyone gasps as the though of baby Nathan getting married shocks them.
T:`well, anyone else got news aswell?`
You feel overwhelmed, but end up saying nothing about the baby.

Jay takes you outside into his bedroom and sits you down.
J:`what happened in there?`
YN:`I`m sorry, Im just not ready for anyone to know yet jay`
He sits down next to you, putting his arm around your shoulder, allowing you to lead your head on his.
He bends over and kisses your lips gently, making him smile through the kiss.

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