To everyone who watched the Graham Norton show and agrees with this please retweet:-
I`ve just read a clip from The Sun newspaper heeded "race gaffe on tv" .
It goes onto say that Will.I.AM was left stunned n Miriam Margoyles said it was "nice to meet him because he was black" and "he was the first rapper she had met" .The sun said he was stunned and didn`t talk for 5 minutes.
This was one of the most humorous shows that`s been on tv for a long while ,which was commented on by alot of people on twitter .There wasn`t a sign of racism and Will.I.Am loved it and never stopped laughing at Miriam and she at him.She described him as the most lovely person.It was so good you couldn`t get on line for tickets for her live shows.They were described on twitter as "a lovely couple".
Big brother would do well to take a tip from this with the old mixing with the new!

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