Long #imagine part 22

You walk into the club to see Tom stood there on his own at the bar, you approach him, hoping he won`t have heard about you and jay. Clearing your throat he turns around..
T:`what you doing here?`
YN:`is jay here?`
T:`he`s gone to the loo`
YN:`look Tom, I don`t want no more trouble, I know what jade did was wrong, but I just want to talk to him`
T:`I know, he`ll be back in a second, just don`t hurt him anymore, please?` he asks you
You nod and sit down next to him, clutching your bag in your arms, waiting for him to come back.
Minute after minute passes and Jay still isnt back, Tom starts getting impatient, and goes to look for him. The bars dead so you follow him into the loos, knowing no one else is in there. You walk in immediately noticing a pair of feet sticking from under the door. You rush over, knocking it hard, hoping it will wake jay up. But nothing. Tom walks backwards and kicks the door open, allowing you to see jay lay on the floor. You kneel down beside him and take his head into your hands, running your fingers through his curls. His eyes flutter as he feels your thumb rub against his cheek, a tear falls onto his chest as you start apologising to him, for everything that`s happened.
YN:`I`m so sorry jay` you mumble into his tshirt.

He starts to lift his head up, looking into your eyes, he looks all dazed, as you still have your thumb on his cheek.
J:`what`s happened?` he asks you
YN:`you`ve had too much to drink jay`
He starts to fall asleep in your arms again, but you shake him sharply to wake him up.
YN:`don`t go back to sleep jay, I`ll take you back to jades` you pull him up and walk him outside, helping him along the way as he`s still half asleep. You say bye to Tom, calling him a taxi and walking round the corner to Jades. You get in, seeing she`s asleep you walk to the spare room, helping jay to sit on the bed. You go into the bathroom and get ready for bed, throwing your pyjamas on and putting your hair in a plait. Coming back to the bedroom you see jay lay on the bed in his jeans with no top on, fast asleep, leaving room next to him for you. You lay down and fall asleep.

Hours later you wake up, turning over to see jay looking at you, his lip swollen and red.
YN:`jay, we need to talk`
He nods, and leans over, kissing you on the cheek.
YN:`I`m so sorry jay, I didn`t listen`
J:`it`s ok, I understand, she broke up your last relationship, and i can see where you`re coming from, let me take you for a coffee` he demands, getting out of bed and searching for his top. He looks at you puzzled. You point to the chair by the dressing table, where you neatly folded his top. He laughs and goes to the kitchen, allowing you to get ready..

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