@wbugti I have sent this email to the POTUS at http://is.gd/XXLSOL :
'Dear Sir:
I voted for you in 2008 and will again in 2012, but this note isn't about that....
I am writing about Pakistan and America's foreign policy in dealing with it. It is a rouge state and foments terrorism within and without its borders. Its dealings with the US are duplicitous and treacherous.
It has come to my attention that this rogue state is also committing genocide upon the Baloch people. This is an obvious attempt by the Pakistani military agencies to garner the entire wealth of the Balochistan region by disenfranchising the Baloch people, killing and or terrorizing them, and by exterminating their intelligentsia. This cannot, must not, be tolerated! I am asking you, as the President that has rehabilitated America's image in the eyes of the World to:
1. forbid/block all economic assistance to Pakistan, a nation that foments International terrorism,
2. forbid/block all military aid and/or shipments of armaments from the US or its other allies inasmuch as you are able,
3. Bring all possible diplomatic pressure upon Pakistan to stop its genocide and kill-and-dump policies towards the Baloch,
4. Start ICC and UN investigations into crimes against humanity being committed by PAK military agency personnel against the Baloch peoples, and 5. Do all that is your power to foster an independent Balochistan so that these great people may once again be free of the terrorists who have stolen their lands.

Thank you, Sir. I know I can count on you to always do the right thing! You are great! Thanx again.....

-Spencer '

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