Part 16

Doc:" okay, well, you stay here. I`ll go out and talk to the boys individually." she walked out the room. Then about 5 minutes later, she came back with all the boys.
You:" so... What are we gunna do?"
Doc:" each boy will take you out on a date. Then we will go on from there. Who do you want to start with?"
You:" i don`t know. It`s like asking me to choose between 5 dying puppies, and I can only pick one!"
Doc:" oh. Okay. Hmmmm. Oh we will go from oldest to youngest! Yeah that should work."
You:" when will these dates take place?"
Louis:" is it okay if we start the day after you get out of the hospital?"
You:" that`s 3 days... Okay!"
Doc:" okay. You boys cant visit her until she leaves. No more visiting. You can`t call, text, tweet, or message her either. No contact at all! Oh and the dates have to be a full day. No less!" the doctor left the room and took the bits with her. Harry was the last one to leave, and before he left, he whispered something.
Harry:" I will make our date very special!" then he winked at you.

The next 3 days went by pretty fast. You had one last surgery, and your face was all back to normal. You finally got to go home. Stuck in a hospital for about 2 weeks... BORING! But being home wasn`t that much fun either. You were afraid to go outside. You didnt want to get hurt again. Jenni had tried to talk to you every day, but you would always ignore her, or yell at her to leave. How could she even think about bring your friend. After all she did to you. The hospital fee wasn`t cheap either. 4 surgeries is a lot, and staying in there for two weeks. Holy poop! It was extremely expensive!

(Louis date in the next one ;P)

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