This is another fanfic that I have started. Got so 

Well it is the day of the olly concert I am buzzing can`t believe it has came round so quick. 
I got the last thing packed ready for the night away before I set off I tweeted @MrsJessMurs and @hellolly to say "see you later for our yummy Nandos" and I tweeted @Ollyoffical "can`t wait to see you later Mr Murs :-)". I got a phone call from nan to say that she is downstairs with my grandad ready to drop us down to the train station. 
I got a reply from Jess saying see you later :-) and I hope olly sees this and gets his ass to nandos ;). I replied just getting on the train now. :-). 
We said thanks to grandad for dropping us down and we say we will ring him when we get back into Bristol :-) I already had my music in listening to Mr Murs :-) then my phone went off and I had a twitter from Olly Murs saying `can`t wait to see you hope you enjoy the show` that has just made my day even better. I replied as I was replying to olly, jess tweeted me saying did olly just tweet you :-).
I tweeted him back with my seat number and would he like to come to nandos with me jess Vicky and Lauren :-) also tweeted jess saying yea omg I can`t believe it I have asked him if he wants to come to nandos with us :-) ahhhhhh. 
We got settled on the train I got out comedy Dave`s book which I have read on every train journey I have been on. My book mark was my address which is what I got with olly signed picture for my 21st birthday. 
It was about 20mins into the train trip I got a tweet from Jess saying what train were we on. As she thought that we got an earlier train.  I quickly tweeted her back. She said what train. With the same details I tweeted her, No way you are on the same train as me :-) I gave her my coach and seat number. This got me more excited for tonight :-) 
We just got to Cardiff and I said that we will meet up with Jess her friend and Lauren a bit later for our nandos, We walked out of the train station shouting and singing to olly songs out of the corner I saw a bright red tour bus I tugged the jacket of jess saying that bus look familiar with out looking at her. We both was like omg he is in Cardiff already we both tweeted lauren to say that we are here and we have seen his tour bus. As we were busy fixating on the fact that it was just his tour bus my nan and mum burst out laughing saying "girls calm down". I turned round and said it back to them in my best scouse accent. They looked at me and I heard this male laugh I looked at them jess and Vicky and jess friend, with out seeing who it was he spoke it was the voice I knew who it was straight away I starting smiling and shaking. Knowing that in a dark denim jeans and a light blue polo top was the man of my dreams Olly Murs. He hugged everyone and I was last I still couldn`t believe that he was right in front of me and I was hugging me. He said he has kept up with our tweets to know when we are in cardiff. I was like and they call me a stalker jeez and giggled. I felt like I wanted to faint I have gone really pale in the face and a bit light headed. Mum said we need to sit her down before. That was the last thing I herd I passed out in front of olly murs. If felt like something out of movie. When I came back round I was on the tour bus led down on one of the beds. I heard everyone I on cue I starting crying as I didnt know where I was. Mum was by my side. I said to her " I can`t believe it I can`t bloody believe it" 
A voice from a distance said " don`t worry babe hope you are feeling better" it was olly checking if I was ok and I must of been out for some time as Lauren was also on the tour bus as well. I laughed and said " Well that nandos out of the window" then it dawned on me that I couldn`t of gone tonight. I was like " I can still go tonight can`t I mum???" she said that "if you rest and take it steady easy then you can" 
"yes" I said then Sarah olly manager said "you can stay on the bus of you would like? Or if you feeling up to it you can come and the rest of you to sound check" 
I perked up so much " I am feeling 100%better now :-)" 
I was helped off of the bed by olly. My legs felt like jelly. He kept asking how I was. ` I thought to myself aww he is being lovely` We were in the carpark of the motor point arena. We headed into the arena all excited as we were hearing sound check :-) we walked in we took our seats which were we are sitting tonight. I looked back at the other girls we were smiling away we couldn`t believe our luck we are here empty arena watching mr murs. It sounded awesome Sarah came up to me asking how I was, if I was feeling ok. I was like yeah I am fine I will let everyone know how i feel if I don`t feel well. Sound check finished and Olly said we got one more surprise for you all, I said to him "come on olls I can`t have many more surprises today my body can`t handle it" he handed us a present each all nicely wrapped everything bow ribbon around it, 

Well It was the first date in Cardiff and I was buzzing. I have notice since announcing this tour there have been a few people that have non stopped tweeting me about nandos in Cardiff. So I spoke to Sarah and said should "we take them to nandos before the concert?" 
She went along with the idea. I kept tracking these three all morning I knew when they were getting on the train and when the are going to arrive. I knew one of them @natarlee_murs was coming from Bristol and @MrsJessMurs was coming from Bath and @helloyy was from Cardiff and was going to meet these two later in the day. Natalie tweeted me and said can`t wait to see you Mr Murs:-). I had to tweet back saying can`t wait to see you hope you enjoy the show. Knowing that I was going to surprise her at the train station. Then I saw that Jess was on the same train as her made it better. I told John our tour driver to wait in the back car park. As I knew what way they would come out. There train just arrived into Cardiff again keeping up to date on twitter. I was excited to surprise them. I heard them as soon as they got off of the train singing my songs and laughing through out it was six of them altogether. As they walked out I hid behind the wooden fence and there faces Was a picture when I walked out and surprised them. The main one I wanted to surprise was natalie as she invited me to her 21st birthday I couldn`t go because of the xtra factor live shows. As they walked out one of the girls showed natalie the tour bus and her face lit up little dose she know that she would be on it soon. I just went up to her nan and mum I think and started talking and her nan couldn`t believe it that I was there talking to her she is more gob smacked than Wat the girls was. Natalie turned round to see where her nan and mum was and her face had the biggest smile on her face and the next time I turned round she was on the floor she collapsed. So mark her mum and I carried her to the tour bus so we didn`t draw attention to ourselves.  She was out for the count for about half a hour we placed her on one of the beds on the bus and waiting for her to come round I had a few games of FIFA with the girls I went to check on natalie she was just coming round her mum was there as she came round she burst out crying her mum whispered this is normal don`t worry. I put my arms around her to calm her down. I asked how she was feeling. She replied feeling ok wanna a game of FIFA on the Xbox. I thought to myself wow a girl that wants to play FIFA. I asked her dose she like football she replied " yes but you gotta guess who I support ;)" this day was getting better and better a lively girl who likes football video games and music. Get in. In my mind I was thinking who she could support anyone but Liverpool. I said to her `man u` she was like  `no` I asked her who she supports she whispered under her breath `Liverpool` I couldn`t believe it I take it that it was something that I could work around. Sarah came up to me to see If I was ready for sound check and to see if I wanted the girls to come to sound check I couldn`t see why not. We pulled up into the carpark and headed it I asked the girls to take there seats on where they would be sitting tonight I had something planned for where natalie was sitting. We done sound check I had something planned for everyone I gave them a little present Each it was a programme tshirt and signed posters each. But made sure that it was wrapped up all nicely for them. 

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