long #imagine part 15

Your soon in bed after drinking your cup of tea. jay lets you have his bed, whilst he sleeps on the floor next to you. You feel yourself drifting off to sleep when Jay wakes you again.
You smile and reply `night jay` and soon drift off to sleep.

The next morning you hear the squeaking of floorboards, and the door squeak open, waking you up. Rubbing your eyes you look up to see jay trying to sneak out of his room without waking you.
J:`im so sorry` he says worridly.
Yn:`its fine, dont suppose you have parecetomel do you?`
J:`we should have some, whats wrong?`
Yn:`just got a headache’
J:`ill go and find some, lie back down and gets some rest`.. He leaves as you seetle back down, watching the door eagerly for him to come back in. He soon does.
You sit up, hanging your feet off the end of the bed, allowing jay to sit next to you, putting a glass of water on the cabinet next to you, and placing the tablets in your hand. You feel his fingers run over the palm of your hands, sending shivers down your spine. You take the tablet and pull a face. He puts his arm around your shoudler and hugs you tight. He smiles and leaves, letting you sleep.


nathan starts getting ready for his date, he does his hair and soon leaves. Meeting eimear at the cafe a few streets away. He leaves the house and walks quickly to the cafe, walking inside and looking around to see eimear sat on a table by herself, fiddling with her long brown hair. He walks over to her, straightening his tshirt before he reaches her. He puts his hand out and takes hold of hers, kissing her lightly on the cheek, before sitting down. Her cheeks flushing red.

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