I would like to take a moment to rant my feelings to you guys who follow me on twitter.

Okay so this is going to be about One Direction obviously. First off, can we all take a moment to appreciate everything they have
done for us. For me, they have
done so much. Made me feel beautiful and less insecure about myself. They put a smile on my face when I`m feeling down. Their voices soothe my soul. Their personalities are guenuinly amazing. Yeah so basically I love them a lot.

But this isn`t what my rant is about. It`s actually about how popular they are becoming. Don`t get me wrong, they deserve EVERY SINGLE THING COMING TO THEM. They have worked so hard and I`m so proud of them. But everything is changing now.

For example, Niall. Niall Horan has always just stuck out of the 5 of them to me. I don`t know what it is, he just has. So when I see him changing so much, it hurts me a lot. I loved his crooked smile and his wierdness. But now it`s like he has completely changed. All the `fans` are now like omfg he`s the hottest person on this earth. Okay bitch, he has braces, and he wears tight shirts. WOOP DE FUCKING DOO. He has always been a fucking sex god k? K.

Okay enough about that, but seriously, this fanbase seems to always have a problem. Sending hate, being mean to eachother. UM HELLO, what happened to 1Dfamily? I think we should stop all this bullshit for the sake of the boys. I know their getting so popular and things are changing. But we need to be happy that their happy. Now that I think about it, it`s weird to know that my life revolves around 5 boys. And looking back, I wouldn`t change it for the world. I`m sure you guys wouldn`t ethier. So let`s all cut the bullshit and be like the Ed Sheeran fanbase. They shit rainbows & pee unicorns. LET`S DO IT FOR THE BOYS MOTHER FUCKERS.

Hehehhehe, this was so random and off topic but you know I thought I should spread some positivity:) I`m a loser I know sorry for my retarded rant xxxx - JayneKelsey

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