Valentine`s Day♥ 

#Imagine: The party started at 9.00 p.m & the beach house was fucking packed to the core. Everyone clearly followed the rule. Literally. Guys only wore shorts, some even wore bathing trunks while the girls had their bikinis on. No one seemed to be wearing shoes, not even flip flops. The party went as planned followed by guests getting their asses drunk while some were making out. It was massive! And not to mention horrible to the naked eye. You spotted Zayn & rushed over to him, hoping he would dance with you. But you saw him appearing to be smitten with a random girl from the party. Tears streamed down your face as you fled out of the house almost knocking into everyone`s way.  

You went to the beach, sat alone in the dark & cried your eyes out. This was so not the way you planned to celebrate Valentine`s Day. It was like a sharp knife has been stabbed into your fragile heart as you watched him with that whore. It was painful & you couldn`t hold the emotions any longer so you cried even harder, hugging yourself for support. Suddenly, lightning flashed about followed by a thunder that sent the waves roaring like a monster. It started to rain heavily. You quickly wiped your tears & scrambled onto your feet. You darted towards the house, shivering & trembling with your soaked wet hair. Plus, you were only wearing your bikini so that included maximum amount of exposing your bare skin. 

You took your first step into the house looking like a pale ghost. Zayn saw you & he instantly hugged you. You wanted to resist his touch so badly but it felt so warm & cozy & you were obviously shivering. He finally let go. Louis handed you a blanket & which Zayn wrapped it around you. He took your hand & dragged you into a room on the second floor of the beach house. It felt a lot calmer in the dark room without the loud music blasting out. All you can feel was the heat coming in from Zayn`s body & you can feel his breath which means he was so close to you, even in the dark. Then, you felt a light movement as he leaned closer & passionately kissed you. It was definitely the kiss of a lifetime as he leaves you breathless. 

Sooner or later, you realized that he may be drunk & that kiss wasn`t intentional. You backed away from him. He felt your distance & asked why. Your voice was trembling as you forced yourself not to cry again & this was all you managed to say, "I saw you with that girl." The words sounded painful for you to spit it out but you just had to. Zayn realized you saw what happened earlier. According to him, that girl was his drunk cousin. He wasn`t even into her & he was not drunk. His cousin went a little overboard & started making out with every guy she stumbled but when it comes to him, he backed off. You were so happy & relieved to hear that that you kissed him long & hard. The two of you started making out as the party went on...♥

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