All Around The World - Chapter 2

Slowly leaning into my face I blushed and locked eyes with him as we both stared into eachothers eyes I felt his soft plush lips land on my cheek. For some reason I was slightly disappointed, I just
smiled and thanked him and the team he sent all the other dancers home and took me into a little room just me and Justin.

" you were amazing out there" he complimented " thankyou I can`t believe I got it but why did you send them others dancers home isn`t it a group of us?" I asked puzzled " you didn`t read the application properly did you" he laughed I just shuck my head saying no " he audition was for the main part in the music video and also on my tour I hope you can still and want to go" he slightly frowned " of course I can still come I`m honoured that you would ask me I mean a tour wow travelling the world" I hugged him excitedly holy Jesus I`m going in tour with the hottest man alive! Bullcrap I`m gonna have to get his albums so I don`t look rude and actually know his songs ahhh! So excited! I snapped out of my thought by noticing I had been hugging Justin for a good 5 minutes now I pulled back slowly " sorry I just got excited" I said trying to laugh it off without looking like a creep " it`s fine beautiful" my heart stooped, Justin bieber just called me beautiful I blushed hard I mean hard! " awww your cute when you blush" he said kissing my cheek which only made me blush even more.

" Thankyou for the opportunity J it means alot" he smiled "J?" shitshitshitshit "urm yeah haha" he smiled "I like it" he`s so cute!!! " when do we leave for tour then?" "not till a couple of months we need to promote the album and that first" " ohh right" " will you promote the album with me?" he smiled scratching the back of his neck like he was nervous or something " is love too:D"

Justin`s POV

My heart skipped a beat when she said yeah I don`t know what it is about this girl but I feel comfortable around her like I can trust her with anything I`m gonna have a good year with this girl...

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