I probably wont meet the Boyz or Vinny anytime soon. I wont EVER stop supporting them. When they were on ABDC i watched them and my brother made fun of me.Ya all my brothers tease me, along with people at my school. But i Stand GRAND. Seeing the Boyz on TV made me realize that if they were bullied and didnt let bullying bother them. I shouldnt let it bother me. I dont anymore! When people call me a bitch or something i take it as a compliment and let then know i dont care. I  told my mom to come get me because  i didnt feel good. But i wasnt sick. I was tired of being made fun of that day. She didnt come get me. My mom called the Counsler and i was sent to her office. She asked me what was wrong and i said nothing was wrong. But something was wrong. I literally wanted to hurt myself that day. Cut myself or something. But i didnt. I thought of the Boyz and Vinny. They honestly have saved my life many times. No one can imagine how many times i have wanted to run away or cut or commit. I didnt because the Boyz and Vinny. People say they dont have a effect on people. Well they do. A HUGE effect on me.! They have inspired me to Stand GRAND and ignore the bullies. I honestly love them so freakin much! Words cant describe how greatful i am that they are my inspirations! I would do ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING to meet them. But if they were to come to my state. I wouldnt be able to meet them. My mom and dad wouldnt be able to take me and we probably couldnt afford it. If i did meet them my brother would torcher me saying OH MY GOSH MY SISTER LIKES THE BOYZ HAHAHA and tell all his friends. Then they would eventually tease me too. But i wouldnt care. Being bullied for meeting them would be worth it because i was able to meet my inspirations! 

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