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You were sitting in your and Zayns apartment. It was really early but Zayn was already out, because they were recording new album. Suddenly, you felt like throwing out and you ran to bathroom. You kneed in front of toilet. Few minutes later you sat down on floor.
"No, it's impossible." you whispered. Your peroid was late. And this...
You quickly dressed up and went to chemist.
"Can I help you?" the old woman behind the counter asked.
"Pregnancy test, please." you said.
"Here you are, £10 (I'm not sure how much it is, I never had to use it (: )" you gave her money and took the box.
When you finally got back home you quickly went to bathroom and took the test. You ahd to wait about 10 minutes for the result.
After 10 minutes you slowly looked at the test. Positive. Your eyes went wet. You took your raybans and drove to boys' studio. There were crowds, but Paul saw you and he helped you to get through.
"(yn) everything ok?" he asked when you were inside.
"Umm, I don't know yet. I have to see Zayn, now." you said.
He took you to them. Unfortunately, Zayn was now singing so you just sat next to Niall on the couch.
"OMG! What happened?" he asked when he saw you.
"Niall, stop. I'm not in the mood. I just need to talk to Zayn..." you whispered. Zayn looked at you and smiled but when he realised that you were crying he quickly took off his headphones and runned to you.
"Zayn! What are you doing?" manager asked.
"Just let them record now, (yn) is much more important." he took your hand and went to some room with instruments.
"What happened, babe?" he asked holding his soft hand on your cheek.
"Just... Just don't be mad." you said.
"Hey, hey, you know I can't be mad at you... Just tell me."
"I'm... Uh... I'm pregnant..." you whispered, but you did this too quietly, so he didn't hear you.
"You are going to be dad, Zayn." you said more confident.
"Are you serious?!" he screamed with happiness.
"Why are you happy? What about your carrer, fans?" you asked.
"Having a baby doesn't mean end of carrer. And the true fans will be happy, I don't care about the fake ones..." he said kissing you passionately.
You went to the room where the rest was.
"Hey guys, I need to tell you something." said Zayn, squeezing your hand.
"What up?" asked Liam.
"(yn)'s pregnant." he said.
The boys started to jump and hug you both. Manager wasn't that happy, but he didn't say anything.

*4 months later*

You were 6th month pregnant. The fans already known. They weren't hating on you, because the knew that you can't aggravate.
"(yn), can you please come here?" Zayn shouted from upstairs. You stood up. Your belly was quite big now, so some times it was hard. You went upstairs and saw Zayn looking at your baby's future room.
"I've finished it." he said, not stopping staring at it. You didn't know if it was boy or girl so the room was blue, white and pink. We walls were blue with pink and white stripes, which was Louis' idea. The crib was white, but it had blue and pink canopy. Wardrobe and the playpen were white. There were many toys, stuffed animals, teddy's, dolls. You got many from One Direction fans. But most of them were from boys, who were really excited about beeing future auncles.
"It's beautiful, Zayn" you said. He placed his head on your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your waist which was gone now becouse of your pregnancy belly. He kissed your neck softly.
"I love you..." he whispered in your ear.
"I love you too."
He turned you around and looked deep in your eyes.
"I- I have to ask you something, something important."
"What is it?"
He kneed in front of you. You raised hands to your face, hiding it.
"(yn), since I met you, my life has really changed... You are my first real love, and after few months of dating I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. My parents like you, my friends like you, my fans like you... Everything's just perfect. So I just wanted to ask... if you would like to become my wife after becoming mother of my child?"
"Oh my God..." you sighed.
"If you say yes, I'll be there for you, protect you and I won't never leave you.
"Yes, Zayn, yes!" you almost yelled wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him passionately.
Suddenly you both were hugged by 4 more people.
"Ahhh! You are getting married, you are geeting married!" screamed Liam with joy.

* 3 months later*

*Zayn's POV*

We were having an interview. The guy was asking about the tour, album and stuff.
"And what about your life? Friends, girlfriends..." he asked.
"I'm still with Eleanor" said Louis with a smile.
"I'm single." said Niall and Harry together.
"Still Danielle." he smiled.
"And what about Zayn?"
"Actually, I'd like to announce something. Since we... Umm... Discovereved, that (yn) is pregnant I started to think about mine and hers future and... I proposed her 3 months ago..." I said, looking straight at the camera and reporter.
"Whoah!" he said. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was (yn)'s mother.
"Zayn! Come to the hospital, now!! (yn)'s giving a birth!" he almost yelled to the phone. I quickly hang up and stood up.
"Sorry, but I have to go, my fianceé's giving a birth." I ran out the studio and got in my car. I drived really fast, but I didn't care cause I promised (yn) I'll be there. My phone rang again.
"Zayn, please, hurry." I heard her voice breaking.
"Babe, I'll be there as fast as I can." I said, but then I was stopped by police.
"Hello there, mister. Driving too fast and talking on the phone?" the officer said, pulling little notebook out of his pocket.
"Please officer, just let me go! My fianceé's is now giving birth, and this is she I'm talking on the phone! Can I just give you my number or assurance number? I beg you!" I begged.
"Ok, just... Don't do this again." he said and went to his car.
I finally was able to drive to the hospital again. I arrived and quickly went inside.
“Sorry, where can I find (your full name)?” I asked the woman behind the counter.
"And who are you?" she asked, looking at some documents.
"I'm her fianceé, please, can you just tell me?" I asked loudly.
"Room 36."
I ran as fast as I could. When I reached the room I pushed the door and walked into the room.

*Your POV*

"Zayn! You're here!" you said with smile, even through you felt huge pain. He grabbed your hand and you squeezed it hard. After few minutes you heard doctors voice.
"I can see the head, go on."
The pain was unbeliveably bad, but you didn't care. You were supposed to see your child soon. Zayn was standing next to you all the time looking at you with love and whispering.
"C'mon, (yn), I know you can do this..."
"It's a girl!" proclaimed doctor. He lifted up little baby... Your baby. Nurce gently envelopped your daughter in a towel, and gave her to you.
"Oh my God..." you said with tears in your eyes.
"She's so beautiful..." whispered Zayn.
"Can we call her Jasmine?" you asked, stroking her little cheek.
"Jasmine Malik? I love it!" he said kissing you.
You left hospital next day. Jasmine was in her new pink costiume from Danielle and Eleanor. She was in Zayns arms, sleeping. Before you went outside the security asked the crowd to be quiet. When you went outside, Zayn pulled her closer to his chest and wrapped his free arm around your waist. When you finally entered the car, you placed your head on his shoulder.
"I've got everything I need now..." he said, kissing your forehead.
You took your phone, took picture of him and Jasmine and set it as your wallpaper.
"I think, I've got better one" he said, pulling his phone out of his pocket. There was your and Jasmines picture in hospital, sleeping.
You actually had everything you could ask for now.

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