OMG OMG OMG I MET @LawsonOfficial 28/5/12


me and @TegannPagee where queuing up to meet @LawsonOfficial we split up to see them perform i couldnt see so i moved i spoke to a bodyguard about me not seeing so he told me to move and stand by me i waved at @LawsonAndy and he stared back during when she was mine i had @LawsonJoel stared at me we all sung when she was mine which was amazing :D. @LawsonOfficial then went for a break and after a couple of minutes came back for the signing :D. i stayed at the back with @TegannPagee and we met @LawsonSurrey so we had a chat with her and more people started joining the back we got asked to move by the cd's to get our cd's signed :D we kept on walking and me tegan and lawson surry (dont know her name ) moved to the back loads of times and it worked!

we finally got to see @LawsonOfficial :D

when meeting the boys i gave @LawsonAndy the jack wills carrier bag i then said this is for all of you and he said thank you :) @LawsonAdam decided to say if their were jack wills boxers in their at that point i just froze and didnt know what to say lol. i then moved on to @LawsonRyan and @LawsonJoel they are literally adorable actually they all are adorable :). @TegannPagee was taking a picture and the boys spotted my @LawsonOfficial iphone case
They all asked @TegannPagee who was it and she said it was mine then they asked me where i got it from so i said ASDA now for some strange reason ( i literally dont know why i did this ) i started telling @LawsonRyan how to do it ( bless him i dont think he was intrested he probably thought why is this nutter telling me how to make a case before i left i asked @LawsonRyan for a hug he literally gives the best hugs ever :) they are the most amazing boys and im glad i met them for the first time :)

Before they left they were still signing and were finishing so i waved at @LawsonAdam and he waved back they all started waving and the shutter went down :'( no more @LawsonOfficial durin that period a fan who was also waiting was telling her friends that she was videoing it i really
want to know who she is so i can see the video.

what i would love from the boys is if they followed me or tweeted me so that that they liked the fanbook but i met them in person but it feels like im talking to a brick wall.

I really wish they did a concert in brighton but they didnt :'(

28/5/12 was the best day of my life i met incredible lawson fans and @LawsonRyan @LawsonAndy @LawsonJoel @LawsonAdam are literally the most amazing kindest caring people in the world and i was so glad that i got to meet them for the first time :)

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