Boys #imagine part 61

You place your hand on the door handle. Opening it slowly, you try your best to make as little noise as possible. You lean over the toilet and reach for his clothes. Thrown in a pile on the floor. You take them in your arms and sneak out, picking up a towel on the way out. Leaving only one in the bathroom. You close the door quietly. Tom not even realising you've been there. You tiptoe across the landing and back to the kitchen. You place the clothes and the towel in the cupboard, where Tom won't realise. Jay pulls up a chair and makes room for you to sit at the table.
Yn:'I haven't managed to get him back yet'
They all just laugh. Then pause when they hear the shower stop running. They pull their poker faces, waiting for tom to come into the kitchen. You go to speak but the door opens as you do so, making you stop talking.

Tom walks in, the towel around his waist. His body dripping wet and his hair soaked. You smile at him.
YN:’what's up Tom?'
T:'what up? What's up? You stole my fuckin clothes, that's what up'
You pretend to look shocked.
T:'don't pull that face at me! I know what your like'
No one says anything, but you all burst out laughing, after trying to hold it for so long.
T:'so, where've you put them?' he questions you.
You point to the cupboard as he pulls them out.
He walks out of the kitchen. Asking you to follow him. Wanting to speak to you.

He looks serious.
YN:'what the matter Tom?'

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