Niall #imagine part one ;) 

My name is Ava Brand. Born in London along with 4 brothers; Tom, Jack, Steven, and Greg. I'm 17 years old and this is my story. 

London had been rainy and foggy all day. School was dragging on slowly and I couldn't wait to leave. It was my last year here and school was almost over for the year. Thank god. 

I was in English class staring out the window when the bell finally rung. I picked up my purse and went over to my locker. I shoved all my books in and slammed it shut. My bestfriend, Miranda, ran up to me with a soccer ball in her hand. 

Miranda: Let's go kick around on the field. I don't wanna go home yet. 
Me: Fine. Let's go. 

We walked out the backway through the pack of kids exiting this hell hole school.  It had stopped raining but the field was still moist. I was wearing pumps, so I changed into my running shoes. Miranda and I sat down our bags and starting kicking around. 

Miranda: My mom got me tickets to the One Direction concert. There's an extra, do you want to come!? 
Me: Uh.. sure. When is it? 
Miranda: Tomorrow at noon. 
Me: Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Miranda: Well my mom had to pull some strings to get them, but she scored backstage passes! Can you believe it? Us, meeting One freaking Direction!! 

Miranda started fangirling. I hated when she did that. She was in love with those boys.. what was his name? Niel? Nevel? I don't remember but she loved him. Her room was lined with posters. She always tried to get me to like them but.. I just didn't see what was so special about them. A bunch of singing boys, ooooh big deal. 

Miranda: Come on, you have to be somewhat happy Ava! 
Me: What's so great about them? Their cocky celebrities. 
Miranda: Easy for you to say. You'll love it there, I promise! 
Me: Mhmm whatever. Can we just go home now? 
Miranda: Sure.. sleepover?
Me: Yeah, I'll ask. 

Miranda and I went over and grabbed our bags. We started off towards our neighborhood which wasn't that far. It started raining again so we took off running as fast as we could. We finally got to my house and I opened the door. 

Mom: Oh girls! Your soaking wet! Come come let's get dried off!
Me: Thanks mom, can I sleepover Miranda's tonight? 
Mom: Sure and her mother called me about the concert.. Are you excited!?
Miranda: Beyond it! but Ava over here isn't so thrilled. 

If only I knew how wrong I really was. 

Part one guys :) its kinda lame but that's because she hasn't met Niall :) ahaha feedback? thanks. - kel Xxx 

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