Personal #Imagine for @Siennau_1D shipped with Liam

Your laying down on your bed with nothing to do. It's a Friday night and you want to do something but you just got in a fight with your boyfriend Liam Payne. Its been so difficult for you ever since him in the band One Direction have gotten so much attention world wide. He keeps texting you but your fed up with him so you just put your phone on airplane mode so you wouldn't have to deal. You fall asleep. The next day you put your phone back to normal and you have numerous missed messages and phone calls from him. At that point you feel bad so you decide to text him " Good Morning my ray of Sunshine!" minutes then hours pass by and he still hadn't text you back. You get worried so you call him and he answers after the 2nd ring "Hello?" he says "Hey babe!..." you say as he cuts you off "Seinna you have to meet me at the park in 10 it's important I gotta go Bye!" he hangs up. Your speechless your afraid worried nervous as well as excited as to why he wants you to meet him at the park.
Your at the park and you see him passing back and forth waiting for you. "Liam?" you say with a shaky voice. He walks to you quickly and envelopes you in his beautiful arms as he whispers in your ear "Seinna, Babe, I Love you with All my heart! All those times I text you and called you with no answer killed me." Tears start running down your face. He continues "So babe, I never want to fight with you ever again! Your mine and only mine Forever!" he starts to kiss you passionately. You back away for a few seconds to look him in the eyes and say "I love you too babe!" You two smile and continue to kiss in the moonlight.

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