Process Optimization. As I continue my analysis on business planning, I can't help but notice that Process Optimization has become more relevant than it has in the past. As we have witnessed the trends of failures in Small Business, clearly the problem lies within ineffective planning and ingenuity, even with a stigmatic business plan. I would like to take the term, "Concrete Planning," which so many SMB owners have in-bedded in their vocabulary, and change it to Capricious-Planning. Capricious Planning involves a hold-steady effort on planning variables, while staying one step ahead of possible drawbacks by way of constant follow up with your structured motives. Because the general "stick to the plan" rule of thumb has been ruling negative results, always expect that curve-ball of challenge. Today, I encourage you all to practice "Capricious-Planning" in your professional, personal, and ethical lives, as they are ever-changing. Analyze your current state of process, specify and determine your desired out-puts, and provide a consistency of innovation in your planning structure.

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