@BostonDotCom Attn: Paul Makishima. Whoa! Nobody "snubbed" Mass. Your facts are all wrong about the #bestsandwich show, the selection process and the structure of the show. If I may, let me clear up any misunderstandings:
First off - there are 3 sandwiches per region (and yes, there are 10 regions) The first sandwich is one that has been recommended to me by a friend, the other two are sandwiches I have liked in my travels. No producers culling for sandwiches, no sandwiches picked to typify a region. Thats simply nonsense and Ive honestly no idea where you got that from. This is me on a quest to pick my personal best sandwich. THE ONLY REASON MASS ISN'T IN THERE IS NOT BECAUSE I FELT THAT I FELT CT, NH, & ME REPRESENTED THE REGION BETTER, but rather NH was the recommended sandwich, the other 2 are 2 great ones I've tried in the region. Simply put, I've never really had a chance to sample many sandwiches in MA & I will not lie to my fans & claim to have tried something I have not. So please, I ask you - dont condemn the show or the choice of sandwiches within it, before you get a chance to hear the real deal. And certainly before suggesting that we've snubbed anyone or poorly represented the region. Trust me: I welcome the opportunity to try as many great sandwiches in Massachusetts as you care to suggest in the near future!

Hope this clears up any confusion & hope you enjoy the show!

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