Nathan #imagine part 5

You enter the church and sit on the front row with nathan sat next to you, your arms are linked. Your shaking. Nathan touches your arm to reassure you.
The funeral starts and your nans coffin goes past, your crying already. The funeral takes ages. Every minute seems like a day.
After everyone has gone, you and nathan walk up to her grave. You put flowers on with the tears rolling down your face. You walk away, you and nathan arm in arm.

A few days later you receive a phone call, your nan has left you something in her will. You go to the solicitors to see what it is. She hands you and envelope. Once you get home with nathan you open the letter, nervous as to what you'll see written on the paper.
You can't bear to read it so hand it to Nath for him to read it.
He clears his throat and begins to read the letter.
'I've wrote you this letter, to show you my true feelings for you. You've been the most special person in my life. Since your mother passed away, I've helped your dad raise you, into the beautiful women you are now. I just wanted to take this time to wish you all the happiness in life, I had when I watched you grow. You and Nathan are beautiful together, your a strong couple and deserve all the happiness in the world. Therefore I'm leaving everything to you amd I've arranged something for you. I want you and nathan to do what you've always dreamed of, to travel around the world. You leave on monday. I wish you for everydream you've ever had to come true, and don't forget to tell my beautiful grand chaildren about me. All my love nan'
You well up and tears roll down yours and nathan face, as he holds you tight in his arms.

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