My go at writing a fan fic all feedback welcome :-) 

Natalie pov
I was on my way to London with my friend Chloe I was looking forward to it. But the only downfall was 3hours on the coach ( not good travelling). We was looking forward to a little break with one of the besties. We got to the bus station and boarded the coach got settled in my seat music in checking twitter and I saw the Olly was in London I got excited at the thought of the bumping into him. We got to London coach station we were right in the centre of London we walked towards the under ground heading toward hammersmith where our hotel was. As we were walking everywhere I was looking every man had some sort of hat on it was annoying but this one stood out I tugged Chloe's arm saying there Olly Murs. She said "No it's not your just hoping it was him" at this point madness it must be love came on, on my iPod I done a little hand heart which I done with my cousin and was shown on Ollys tour this year. I saw some one smile at me on the under ground. We was on the underground for about half hour, and we got of at the right stop and headed toward our hotel. The person that smiled at me on the tube got off at our stop I just thought it was a popular stop we got to the hotel and checked in. Checked twitter and saw a tweet from olly 'girl on the platform making hearts with her hand she is cute' I read all the replies and showed Chloe the tweet but this figure was stood behind me I thought to myself   'she's a lucky girl eh to grab his attention' i must of said it out load he looked at me baffled he said 'what did you say?'  
"nothing just doing a bit of looking on twitter and just thinking about who the girl that olly murs just tweeted about"
"you do realise who you are talking to ?" I knew the accent but I was I am in London they all sound the same. ' I was more anxious to get to the Russell Howard gig that was the reason that we were in London. Chloe saw who I was talking to and she nugged me saying "you need to look who you are talking to" I turned round and stood there in a red top black jeans and a black trilby that everyone knew. I massive smile came on to my face. 

olly pov 
It's bank holiday weekend and I am in London. I was by Victoria coach station and this girl caught my eye nothing special about her but she caught my eye. I saw her head for the tube I headed to the tube aswell. This could take me any where in London but it the risk I wanted to take I thought to myself. I got behind her in the que and just about hear her music is was madness it must me love and I saw her make a cute little heart with her hand. This made me what to get to know her. I was sat opposite her on the tube. I was sat there for about half hour. I tweeted about the girl on the platform making little hearts with her hands. The comments I got back saying who is she, she is one lucky girl. I saw she was getting ready to get off at hammersmith stop. As both of them was walking but slight dancing. They were heading for a hotel I followed I felt like a stalker following these two young women. I heard one of them say so looking forward to the Russell Howard show. I thought to myself at least they got a sense of humour. I quickly got out my phone had a look to see where Russell Howard was it wasn't far from where we were. I got one of there attention I could tell that she couldn't tell if it was me or not. She told her friend to turn round as she turned round taking her earphones out and the massive smile was on her face. 

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