Imagine for @CoolMorningBabe (:
You were home bored and tired. But happy that you were in Texas. You went outside at the park while the light was still shining. You sat at the swings daydreaming about Austin. Closing your eyes you felt someone sit in the swing next to you. You opened your eyes and saw Austin right there.
You: Hi
Austin: Hey
Me: Um, I'm a big fan!
Austin: you are? What's your name?
You: Brii (: Thanks for making my dream come true to meet you
Austin: Awe no problem
*3 hours later* You got to know Austin a whole lot better.
That night
It was 11:11 pm you were making a wish to be more than friends with Austin. You walked out to your balconey and saw that Austin lived right there next to u. You sat there talking and laughing with him. It was magical.
Austin: I need to tell u something.
You: Shoot.
Austin: Well Brii I like you and I want to be more than friends is that ok with you?
You: Omg yes like a million times Yes!!
-tomorrow morning- you went outside and say Austin. He went you to you 2 inches away from your face then he smoothly kissed you on your lips. Sparks,Bombs,Fireworks exploded you wanted this to last forever your lips were syncing perfectly in rhythm. Everything was WONDERFUL.

There ya go. Hope you like it I know it's bad but it's my first try. xx

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