Between The Lines- Chapter 17

Amanda’s POV:

As we hopped on the train we were hella nervous! Today was the Finale where we would find out which are the next 2 acts who are going to battle to become the winner….

I looked to Megan and she looked like she was about to freak out! I can not even imagine how the boys are right now! They have to be worse than us and were not even the ones performing!

Megan- Amanda?
Amanda- yeah?
Megan- I am nervous! I really hope the boys are in the finale two!
Amanda- Me to Megs me to! But even if there not we are still proud of them for making it this far!
Megan- I know…

Megan was always the one to worry for other people and feel nervous for other people just like me. This is one of the many things we have in common.

Megan- Oh and Amanda do I look okay?

Ahhh she wants to look her best for Niall seeing as she hasn’t seen him in 3 weeks! She looks fine!

Amanda- Megs you look fine! How do I look?
Megan- Amazing!
Amanda- (Smiles) Thanks love!

Megan and I were wearing the same outfits almost…

My hair and outfit-
Megan’s hair and outfit-

The train soon came to a stop and we realized this was our stop!

Amanda- come on Megan we have to get off.
Megan- okay

Megan and I got up from our seats and walked off the train and headed down the familiar side walk. We walked until we reached the Arena. Ahh Hopefully this is not the last time we will be here…..

Soon enough I got a text….

I looked at my phone and saw it was from Harry.


Harry- are you here yet?
Amanda- we just arrived were heading inside the arena now, why?
Harry- I can not wait till after the show! I need to see you NOW!
Amanda- But how?
Harry- meet me near the bathroom doors
Amanda- are you sure your aloud to leave though?
Harry- positive! Show doesn’t start for another hour! I have all the time in the world and I need to kiss you! My lips miss yours!
Amanda- awwwe babe! I will see you in 10 Xx
Harry- okie dokie! See you then love! Xx

End of text convo…..

I looked to Megan who was standing there waiting for me.

Amanda- I will be right back Harry wants to meet me near the bathrooms for a few minutes
Megan- okie dokie! I will head to our seats! Have fun but not to much (She winked)
Amanda- okay! And you perv (I smirked)
Megan- Thank you I know I am!

We laughed and than turned away from each other and walked our ways. Me to see Harry and her to our seats!

I walked further and further as soon as I saw the bathrooms I came to a stop and saw that Harry wasn’t there yet so I am going to wait for him.

I waited for about 2 minutes until I felt arms around my waist….. I know that touch…. I turned around and there he was my beautiful boyfriend. Our faces were so close but yet our lips didn’t touch. His hands were still around my waist and he pulled me closer as my hands reached and were placed behind his neck. Our bodies were touching. They were so close if you put a magazine between us it would fall.

Harry whispered “You look so beautiful!”
Amanda- Thank you love! I have missed you much!
Harry- not as much as I missed you!
Amanda- (Smiles) We misses each other so much!
Harry- you got that right! Amanda?
Amada- Yes babe?
Harry- I love you!
Amanda- I love you to!

With that he placed his lips upon mine and they moved in sync. Oh gosh have I missed him! 3 weeks feels like forever when your away from the one you love the most…….

Megan’s POV:

I sat down in my seat and waited for Amanda to come back, the show didn’t start for another 45 minutes and I was bored out of my mind. I didn’t know if I should text Niall and ask if we could meet but he could be doing an interview….. I don’t know!

Suddenly my phone buzzed, new text yay!

Its from my baby!…..

Text convo:

Niall- I can see you (winky face)
Megan- oh really, creeper much lol!
Niall- maybe lol
Megan- how can you see me?
Niall- I am standing on the side of the stage and looking through the curtain you look beautiful babe!
Megan- I am pretty sure you can see me blushing, thanks love!
Niall- I can! Lol and your welcome! Can you come to the side of the stage for me please?
Megan- Wont I get in trouble?
Niall- no Simon knows who you are and so does everyone else! They will let you in babes, trust me Xx
Megan- Okay I am coming over! Lol Xx
Niall- yay! See you soon love! Xx
Megan- Okie dokie! Xx

End of text convo

I got up from my seat and headed to the side of the stage, no one stopped me, great! I reached the side and waited to see Niall, he wasn’t there…… I thought he was! I turned around to look and see if anyone was coming but no one was so I just stood there….

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and there was Niall standing on the stage holding out a hand to help me up on stage.

I couldn’t help but smile as I grabbed his hand. He made me tingle inside just by touching my hand.

We were no standing on the side of the stage but not behind the curtains… so everyone can see us… even his fans… which have grown a lot since the beginning!

Niall- hi beautiful!
Megan- hi handsome!

Niall took me in his arms and picked me up and had me rap my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He walked me behind the curtain and to his and the boys dressing room…

Megan- I have feet I can walk love (Smiles and giggles)
Niall- I don’t care I just want to hold you!
Megan- awwe babe!

I kissed his cheek as he came to a sudden stop and opened the dressing room door, none of the boys were in there……. Hmm…. I know where Harry is but where are the other boys?

Niall set me down on my feet but our bodies were touching as he paced his hands around my waist and mine were still placed behind his neck.

Niall- I love you Megan!
Megan- (Looks into Niall’s eyes and smiles) I love you to! I have missed you so much to! These past 3 weeks were torture!
Niall- tell me about it! I wasn’t able to hold you, kiss you, snuggle with you and not being able to see you smile or hear your laugh. Megan I have missed you so much!
Megan- I have missed you to!

We shared a cute kiss. It wasn’t long but it wasn’t short it was just right. As we pulled away we just stared into each others eyes….

Niall- Megan you have no idea how much I love you!
Megan- I love you so much I can’t even put it into words Niall!
Niall- I love you to Pluto and back babe!

We kissed once more and than just stood there in each others arms and soon enough it was show time……

Amanda’s POV:

There Megan and I were sitting in our seats waiting for the results…. The show was coming to and end and they had to announce the act that was leaving tonight…. Megan and I were holding each others hands…..

The three acts were in the stage……

Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, and our boys…. This was it the announcer started to speak…..

Megan looked at me and than to the boys, we saw the looks on there faces.. Our boys….

After the whole arena was clear Megan and I waited out side for the boys. We were going to drive back to the Contestants house to gather there things and we decided we are going to have them back at our flat Megan and I bought together a few weeks ago and just have them sleep over. We even invited Liam’s girlfriend Danielle and Eleanor!

The boys walked to us and when they were in our reach we pulled them in for a group hug.

Megan- guys no matter what you did amazing! And like Simon said it’s the end for you boys!
Amanda- yeah guys we believe good things are coming your way! Don’t forget you have the factor tour coming up in a few weeks!

We pulled away from out group hug and headed back to the contestant house and got there things and brought it all back to Mine and Megan’s flat. These boys need to have there clothes washed oh gosh!

When we reached our flat the boys walked right to the couch and just sat there and Megan and I went to put there dirty laundry in the washer and walked over to them and just stood in front of them….

Amanda- we know you guys are up set but please cheer up Liam Dani is coming over and Louis we have someone special for you we would like you to meet and Zayn well we know you have someone special back home but all 4 of us girls will smother you with kisses when you get lonely!

Liam, Harry, and Niall- NO!

Megan and I just laughed

Megan- so you speak! Okay well Amanda and I are going to order some pizza and than get some movies and set up beds and put our jimmies on while your guys is heading in the dryer soon!

Megan and I went to get dressed and than order the pizza and movies and than the bed stuff

We set up the beds and than got the boys there PJ’s and let them change

Mine and Megan’s PJ’s were so cute lol

My pjs and hair-
Megan’s pjs and hair-

Soon enough the door bell went off and in came Danielle and than about 15 minutes later Eleanor came in…. Soon enough our pizza arrived. Let the night begin!

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