@Harry_Styles Ohh man Harry I couldn't meet you:( I really wanted to you guys were absolutely amazing and I wore my shirt I made with you on it and I really wanted it signed by you cause you are the most amazing person in the world:) and I made you guys a book but no Kane would give it to you and I really wanted you to read everything I wrote it, I made it really personal:) you all looked so hot by the way tonight on SNL, you guys were gorgeous and outstanding and all I ever wanted to do was meet you, cause you are my idol and my inspiration and I just really wanted to meet you and give you the book I worked so hard on for you:) so I am gunna be 18 on June 11,2012 and I had a question for you, will you take me to my senior prom on June 9, 2012 I need a prom date and you would be the perfect person to take to prom we have so much in common and I absolutely live and adore you SO SO much:) Please tweet me:) and the best 18th birthday present in the world would be to spend a day with you and the boys and see what a typical day is for you:) I would really live that for my 18th birthday Please Please tweet me an answer to one of these questions I live you Harry and you guys did absolutely amazing tonight, I live you and I will always adore you please allow me to spend a day with you or take me to Prom please I really red a prom date and you would be a prize package and you are absolutely gorgeous sweet hearted sexy and just about the most amazing person in the world:)

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