#imagine personal for @MissCassandra3 Carlos :)

You were waiting in line to ride the extream scearm when someone taped you one the shoulder you turned around and couldn't believe
who was right in front of you Big Time Rush!
You: y-yo-you are Big ti-time rush!
J: yeah! U a fan?!
You: yeah do you see my shirt!
L: haha you going to the concert tonight?
You: he'll yeah!
C: haha aweosome well we need one more person to go on with us!
Do you want to?
You: yes! I'm not going on with any one!
K: cool what's your name?
You: cassandra or Cassie for short
C: pretty name
You: thanks
You guys got on and you were
sitting bye Carlos you guys screamed the whole time! When you guys got off you guys were laughing so hard
C: hey Cassie want to walk around with me just me and you?
You: sure!
You and Carlos went on a few rides
C: want something to eat?
You: sure!
C: want to get a elephant ear!
You: there my favorite!
C: me too!
You: haha
You guys ate a elephant ear the. It
was it for Carlos to go get ready for the show
C: this was fun!
You: yeah! Thanks
C: no problem Ill see you tonight?
You: yeah
C: what row are you in?
You: 3rd
C: prefect
You: what?
C: nothing
You: ok then haha
C: bye
You: bye
You went and got your seats and the cocert started it wa like Carlos couldn't take his eyes off you. The.
It came to worldwide! Witch ment worldwide girl witch you know would NEVER be you.
K: Carlos will do the picking tonight!
There was screaming a lot of screaming then Carlos started headed to two. Took your hand and bought you up stage! After the song carlos talked to you in fornt of everyone
C: I know I have only own you for a few hours but I there is something special but you! Cassie will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?
You: y-yes!
Carlos kissed you passionente in fornt of everyone there was screaming and yelling and shouting but it felt like only you and Carlos were only people in te world!
TheEnd :)
Hope you liked it'

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