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What is TwitPlus?

TwitPlus lets you tweet longer with an unlimited number of characters by posting the start of your tweet, with a link to view the rest of your longer tweet here on - And hey, if you don't use more than 140 characters we'll send your tweet to Twitter as is without any links to us.

TwitPlus is now
using SSL

As well as yesterdays server upgrade we have enabled SSL for our web service by default. This means that when you view a tweet via TwitPlus you're connection to our site is encrypted, the same applies if you are sending a tweet as a guest or logged in to your account.

If you notice that you are not using our https version of our website, please send us an email to let us know at

We Just Upgraded
Our Server

Hopefully not many of you noticed that yesterday (28th Oct 2013) we upgraded our server that hosts TwitPlus. This upgrade means that we can handle far more visitors at once without any noticeable slowdown.

On "Busy" days this service can have over 850,000 requests for content from visitors and we believe that our new server upgrade will be able to accommodate…

Functionality, Stability
& Security

We’re happy to announce an update to our Web Service and iOS App, these updates will cover several areas; functionality, design, stability & security. Our service has been improving since it’s launch to provide a better experience for our users, in this time we have outgrown our server and have taken steps to reduce our database size and bandwidth usage. With an active Web Service…

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